Each morning you arise to a new day but you feel as though you are picking up from where you left off yesterday. Years have passed and it seems to be a losing battle. You are tired and want to give up, nothing seems to be working.

There’s a door and through the door is the freedom you desire. You’ve never seen the door for yourself but you’ve heard whispers from the people who share the room with you. They’ve heard stories from others before them that there is something magical beyond the door that sits at the end of the hallway. They’ve watched people enter and leave the room, some come back and others don’t.

As you look around the room you see an old man. Softly you ask him, “What keeps you locked in this room?” He looks at you and whispers, “I am a casualty of the battle of my inner imprisonment”. He goes on to clarify that he has no vision and always chooses to be a follower. Since he’s a follower he is condemned to this room with others like himself.

“How long have you been in this room old man?” you ask.

It has been longer than I can remember young fella. I am now on journey year fifty-eight and I’ve been walking around this land with no sure place in minds view. I’ve enjoyed watching you the last couple of days but I don’t plan on sticking around here much longer; the old man starts to get up and heads out the room. He continues walking down the hall towards the unseen door way.

You scream out, “Wait old man, what has changed?”

He responds back, “I’m tired of sitting here waiting for life to bless me I’m going to find my own blessing now.”

You scream one last time, “What’s your name?”

He yells back, “Wisdom young fella, it’s Wisdom”.



may your day be filled with wisdom