Zen master Miko sat on the beach, absorbed in nature’s beauty and existence. Watching the waves splash upon the shore when a beach ball come sailing over head and as it approached the Master, Miko simply raised his arms, opened his hands and caught the ball. He marveled at it a moment as a student run up to him, to retrieve the ball.

“Good catch Master,” the student said.

“It is easy to grasp something if one is ready to accept it.” Replied the Master. “Place your hands behind your back.” The Master asked of the student. As the student placed his arms behind him the master then tossed the ball toward the student’s chest, it hit the student in the chest and fell to the ground.

“That is hardly fair, I was not prepared to catch the ball.” The student stated.

“Exactly,” the Master said. “Now, get the ball, toss it in the air a few times.” The student did so. The ball flew up in the air and landed in the students hands repeatedly. “If the ball is zen, you may not have zen in hand all the time, but you are ready to receive it every time it comes to you, understand?”

“Yes master!” The student answered.

“It is the same with all things, such as life, religion, love, politics, beliefs and zen.” The master stated, then asked, “What do you think a person with no arms can do to grasp zen or get a hold on life?”

The student thought long and hard but could not reply with an answer. “Simply exist in the present, absorbed in the arms of life, perhaps even become… a ball of zen.”


by Art~


Majestic Mountain  .. by Art~


Majestic Mountain before me

old as time itself

white on top; like an old wise man

reaching upward

as if God himself reached from the sky

pinched the earth

and pulled it towards the heavens.


embraced by angels with wings out wide

white clouds, slowly floating by

at your feet I sit, looking up to you

majestic mountain, sitting so patiently

like a zen master in meditation

for eternity


“Life is the only thing worth living”

have a zen filled day