The key to tranquility  is acceptance

the key to acceptance is awareness

the key to awareness is balance

the key to balance is harmony

the key to harmony is tranquility

The “Key” to living a better life.

 First off note: the “Key” is a device that unlocks the door to an opening. Meaning you still have to step into the room and participate. Like a map, it points the direction but you still have to take the initiative to move, act and apply the principles. Sadly there is no spoon full of an elixir that we can drink and life suddenly becomes repaired and wonderful and perfect. (if there is leave me the formula in the comment section).


Tranquility is the most essential key to living a better life. If you are tranquil then the body and mind is at peace with its surroundings and self. The key to obtaining tranquility is acceptance. The ability to accept what is. “It is what it is.” Zen is defined as : state of being, one with their surroundings. Surround yourself in being who you are and embrace the fact, you are unique.



“Accept the things you can not change and change that which you can,” … It is what it is. You can not change the spots on a leopard. Understanding is the first step toward acceptance and only with acceptance can there be harmony. “The key to tranquility is acceptance.” If you have a penny, you can not make a penny into a dime, accept the facts, you need 9 more pennies.




 Self awareness:

My Mother always said: “We all get up in the morning, just some forget to wake up!” Take for example a couch potato, A person who sits on the couch and watches T.V. all day, may in fact give the mind satisfaction of some stimulation but self awareness includes the three parts of a person, the mind, the body and the soul. Each of these need exercise of some kind. We will call it attention. Give the mind a spoon full of the discovery channel. Take out the trash and do the dishes, then read an inspiring story from your favorite blog, like… well lets just say, zendictive (grin).

The key here is to give every part of the body what it needs. Remember the saying, a body in motion stays in motion and a determined mind can not be tamed. Be self aware and you will live a fuller life.



If we did not have balance then we would spend the majority of our lives on the ground. Like a worm, wobbling around and probably bury ourselves for fear of not being able to get around very well. Balance is taken for granite, it takes a baby awhile to learn balance. Each of us went through this process but it was so long ago we forgot the struggles and challenges it took to obtain balance.

 We go through trials and learn to walk and rarely give a thought to those toddler years that it took to learn this art. There are those with better balance than others, like the athletes that do one handed hand stands, but a basic balance will be suffice.

Now, the other type of balance is the art of juggling the everyday activities and interactions. Like relationships, work, home, family, friends, self and more. There has to be a balance between all avenues in your life or you’ll end up juggling just one ball, yourself. Practice balancing on one leg or balancing a book on your head and see how important balance is. I love the phrase, juggling elephants… a wonderful read if you ever get the chance to read this literature that lays out a way to juggle your home life, work and self time as a three ring circus.



The key to Happiness is tranquility. If your not at ease with your self and your surroundings then there will be a disruption in the mind and soul, and the body will not function properly. There will be tension, disruption, confusion and inner turmoil. In order to obtain happiness one must not attempt to grasp this emotion but allow it to grow like that of a rose and relish in its presence rather than try and pull it out of the ground. Laughter is the door-way to happiness. If something makes you happy, submerge your self in it and bathe in its existence, for example writing (grin) for why else would we blog?



may the keys to life be nestled in your pocket!