A father spent the weekend with his son trying to teach him to ride his bike. This was the first time the little boy tried to stay on the bike without assistance of training wheels. The father would run beside the boy holding the seat as he maneuvered the bicycle. Each time the father would let go the little boy would plummet to the ground. After a couple of hours of trying the little boy did not want to proceed.

The father went into the house disappointed that he was not able to teach his son to ride. Feeling like a failure he committed himself to teaching the young boy to ride.

The father was called away on a business trip that night for five days. When he returned to his surprise the little boy was riding the bike without training wheels. The father asked his son, “How did you learn to ride your bike?”

The son replied, “I was trying to ride my bike and I kept falling. I cried and continued to get frustrated and decided to give up. During the time of giving up the neighbor’s dog started to chase me. My fear was pointed towards the dog biting me and not falling off the bike. At that moment I was peddling for my life trying to get home before the dog could catch me. When you were trying to teach me I didn’t have a reason to succeed; the dog gave me every reason to succeed.”

source: bike boy


Isn’t that how life works? We are always guided toward a certain avenue in life by our parents or piers but initially it is up to us to get going. A new job or career for example; it seems a little shakey at first but once we get the hang of it we are taking the wheel and driving forward. I truely feel for those that never seem to get a handle on life and feel the need to succeed. My brother is a counciler for those with drug addiction problems and I’ve been with him on a couple of ventures to help those with a lack of will or motivation. The bottom line comes down to … it is up to us to want to achieve a better life, a quality life (I’m not necessarily saying become wealthy) but rather to enrich our lives, a reason to succeed.

….Train the body, sharpen the mind and enrich the spirit!


Two people are lost in the desert. They are dying from hunger and thirst. Finally, they come to a high wall. On the other side they can hear the sound of a waterfall and birds singing. Above, they can see the branches of a lush tree extending over the top of the wall. Its fruit look delicious.

One of them manages to climb over the wall and disappears down the other side. The other, instead, returns to the desert to help other lost travelers find their way to the oasis.


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