‘Life is like a roller coaster ride,’ … I have heard this before and it really stuck in my mind while the family and I spent our vacation at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio the last last few days. The kids wanted to do nothing but go from roller coaster to roller coaster. The Rattler, Superman, Poltergiest and then there is the Boomerang.

My little girl who is no bigger than a minute had a hard time because some of the rides had height requirements based on the security restraints used to keep you in your seat while spinning 50 miles an hour upside down. However some rides had a restriction that stated if you are this size, (48” = 4 foot) you must be accompanied by an adult, like the Boomerang roller coaster.

She had been crying most of the day that, “it was not fair that she could not go on a roller coaster ride that did a loop and spun you upside down.” Then we found the Boomerang. This ride would allow her to ride if an adult went with her and the line was not long. So… I volunteered. (rolls my eyes … like I could really help her while traveling at such speeds)

This ride starts out by slowly pulling you back wards and up till you are nearly looking straight down. Holding on for dear life, then it releases and shoots you into loops and spins that have to be what the astronauts do going the speed of sound and yes, it loops upside down.

How horrific and thrilling at the same time. Life truly is the same way. So many times I just want to stop everything and reset my thoughts but life is moving so fast you can’t. Ever tried meditating on a roller coaster. My Lil sunshine wanted to ride this ride over and over because it was the only one that she was allowed to ride that went upside down so, I practiced meditating on a roller coaster, strange huh?

Life truly is like a roller coaster, you have to pay, stand in lines (traffic jams everyday) it spins and twists and goes faster than we want them to, (the day is gone before you know it) and it leaves you feeling exhilarated. When it is over, we reflect on the event. Thank goodness for Dramamine (~_~). All in all we had a great time and as always, we were making memories.


..this is the actual, “Boomerang,” roller coaster ride at Fiesta Texas.

It pulls you up and up then realeases you at a very fast speed.

“life… what a ride!”


Life is full of challenges… hold on tight!