There was a young bird flying with a flock around the Great Plains of Kansas. For months he felt that he was different from all of the other birds in his flock. Occasionally he would express his feelings and the mother bird would tell him conform to the rest of the flock. He wanted to adventure off and experience new things. The mother bird told him once again to blend in and be like his brothers and sisters.

One day the flock was flying and the young bird heard gun shots. His brothers and sisters broke formation to escape the bullets. All the other birds veered left, right and down while the young bird went up. He was able to fly higher and faster than he knew was possible. Since he had been conforming to the standards of the flock he didn’t know his capabilities. As the young bird tried to get away he realized he had been shot with a tranquillizer while all the other birds got away.

As the young bird lay on the ground two men approached him but he couldn’t move. He felt in his heart that he knew the two men somehow and they weren’t going to hurt him. One of the men called out and said, “Eric we’ve been looking for you for months. We can’t believe you wasted your free time away from the zoo flying with ducks when you are an eagle.”

story source: the bird


How we see ourselves… is not how others see us!

When we were at Six Flags, I was sitting at a park bench waiting for the children to finish a ride. There in this little courtyard where I sat, were these birds, a mockingbird, a couple of sparrows and a wren (brown bird the same size as a mockingbird) that were working the picnic tables. Obviously, their life revolves around picking up the crumbs that people leave behind. They were so accustom to people that it was nothing for them to land on the table where I sat, walk around then leave.

The Mockingbird and the two sparrows were fighting over a piece of food under the picnic table. They would each dominate the piece of food long enough to get a few bites then relinquish it to the other. It took me a few minutes to finally realize that what they were fighting over was a chicken strip. (!_!)


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‘Lone Star’
The lone legged Mocking Bird! 

By Art~

The founder scene
was the drive thru, Dairy Queen
A baby bird hobbled and wobbled
across the hot pavement
out the car door I went!

The Lone Star State
didn’t want their State Bird
they said to say,
“It’s final words.”
For a wing was broke and a leg too,
there was nothing any one could do.
A leg was dangling by a thread of dead skin
the vet said,
“do some snipping.”

Wrapped the wing and made it a home,
open to the whole living room.
We bought crickets from the bait shop
my son caught grasshoppers from around our lot.
I knew where the best fishing worms lived,
to the Mockingbird, supper was fed.

To much surprise, the Mockingbird survived
it found balance with one and a half legs.
It hopped every where till it’s wing healed.
When it flew outside it came back in a “Squeal.”

Now a name we must give!
The State bird of the Lone Star state
our minds state could relate
miracles that surrounded
this mockingbird’s fate,

“Lone Star”
the lone legged mockingbird.

He sang to our lives for quite awhile.
He like to land on our black labs back
or in a soft crash land into a baseball cap.
We finally built a cage the size of a wall
the door was left open unless company called.
For Mockingbirds are fearless and territorial.

A part of the family he became
I still think about him to this day

‘Lone Star’
The Lone Legged Mockingbird

This was a True story…


may you soar through your day