Are you a Sun, a Star or a Moon

A zen master lay in his bed, he was ill. A student walked into the room and came to his bed-side and said, “Master, I did as you asked. I went to the ceremony and I read the words you had written down for me. I represented you the best that I could.”

“I am sure you did an excellent job and that the speech was well received,” the zen master replied.

“I felt like I was the moon. Nothing more than a reflection from your radiant way,” the student stated.

“You wanted to be the Star of the show? But a star is merely a small glimmer of light, I do not know why they use such a term. Now, the shining full moon is a beautiful thing,” the master replied. “Without the moon, the darkness would rule the night. The moon lights the way for so many when the night comes. This can not be a bad thing.”

“I hope one day to be as bright as you and shine for all the world to see.” The student said.

“We are all like the stars in the night sky, distant suns, and where there is a sun, there will be a moon. A moon shines only because a sun sheds light upon it. With-out the sun the moon would be a dark blob. Sometimes we are the sun, sometimes we are the moon and most times we are like distant stars. But we are human and each persons shines differently, do not forget that!” The zen master said.

“How are you feeling master?” the student asked.

“Like the fore-most distant star, not very radiant this day,” the zen master stated with a smile. “Today was your day to shine like a full moon.”

By Art~


One day, Sun, Moon, and Wind went out to dine with their uncle and aunt, Thunder and Lightning. Their mother, a distant star, waited for their return. Both Sun and Wind were greedy and selfish. They enjoyed the meal but brought back nothing for their mother. But the gentle Moon removed a portion of food and kept it under her beautiful, long fingernails to share it with her mother.

When they returned home, their mother asked them what they had got for her. Sun and Wind promptly replied that they had got nothing since they had gone for their own enjoyment. But Moon gave her mother the delicious food that she had brought for her.

The mother was angry with Sun and Wind for their selfishness and cursed them. That’s why the sun is hated in hot weather and the wind is so disagreeable but the moon was blessed with good wishes. That is why she is always beautiful and cool.


the world in harmony… ‘picture it’