CIRCLE OF IRON, the oddball 1978 martial arts feature with fantasy overtones. Carradine appears in three guises as a sort of spirit mentor aiding the leading man on his quest for a book that reveals the secret to the meaning of life. 

 Cord the Seeker, a powerful but arrogant martial artist, competes for the right to quest for the Book of All Knowledge, held by a wizard named Zetan. A story co-written by Bruce Lee.

(Bruce did not live to see the movie on the big screen but that would be like Johnny Apple Seed, planting a seed then leaving, knowing it will grow)


“Tie two birds together and though they have four wings they cannot fly!”

“You can’t step twice on the same piece of water.”

“A fish saved my life once.” … “How?” … “I ate it.”

“You must be able to find an elephant with the web of a spider …”

“What ever I think I am or I want to be, I am.”

“If a man guards a book year after year, which is more important the man or the book?”

“the way of the monkey is to be the fool, while you laugh at his antics he bites you from behind. Face the monkey and you expose a coward disguised as a monkey.” (…is this a reference to having a monkey on your back? could be!)


Originally called, “The silent flute,” but Hollywood wanted a more ‘Macho’ name to attract viewers and they came up with…

‘Circle of Iron’

‘my two cents worth’  Art~

The basic outcome~ we all go through trials, seeking enlightenment or the meaning of life, only to find that once we have found it, everything is the same except; how we look at things.

coined as a cheesy, B-movie, it contains more wisdom in its script than most movies made. Two thumbs up from me!

(I liked this movie as much as I loved the ending where the book with the meaning of life was revealed)

when Cord finally meets Zetan and is given the book of knowledge, he sits and opens the book, only to find that the pages are nothing more than mirrors. (like Kung Fu Panda and the dragon scroll)


Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself!

The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they make  the best of everything.

The meaning of life you, living and what you do with it!