Once there was a young cloud in the sky, absorbed in the sun’s warmth. Before long the wind came and blew the cloud across the sky slowly. This startled the little cloud. “Hey, what are you doing?” The little cloud yelled out.

The wind replied, “I am doing my job.” The little cloud was helpless and sailed across the sky as the wind did what it always does. “It is my job to blow, so that the windmills will spin and make electricity. I must blow so that  the seeds and pollen spread across the earth. I make the trees dance and the waters ripple, bringing things to life.”

The little cloud watched the earth from above and slowly began to enjoy the ride. “Hey, I like this,” said the little cloud.

“See,” replied the wind, “Sometimes all you need is a little motivation.”

moral; sometimes we think we are being pushed around, when in reality we are simply being motivated.

re-written by Art~ from the childrens story Claudia the cloud.


Here is a short story on motivation :

There are two donkeys Abe & Bill – best of buddies. At the village fair Abe is sold to a rich Arab while Bill is sold to a farmer.

The Arab treats Abe like his child, takes good care of him etc. etc. while the farmer ill treats Bill, does not feed him well and makes him work hard.

After few years Abe & Bill meet and have a chat.

Abe is very sad about the way Bill has been living and says that “My Arab can buy you from the farmer and you can have a good life too.”

Bill says, “No, I have hope here.”

Abe: “What Hope?”

Bill: The farmer has a beautiful daughter, and when she misbehaves the farmer tells her – “If you continue misbehaving I will marry you off to this donkey!”


have a super-fab-tabulous day