There was a house fly named, Homer and he had access to all he needed to live a comfortable life. Food, from the crumbs that lay here and there, air conditioning, (for Homer lived in the south and the summer heat gets stagnating) water, and pretty much the run of a huge house.

One day while flying around, doing what ever flies do, Homer found himself at a window. Looking outside, he wanted to explore what he was seeing. “What is this?” asked Homer. Sunlight, trees, grass and a big blue sky. Homer did not understnd why he could not get past this clear bearer before him, an invisible force feild.  He flew head first into it several times but was unable to get past the glass.

 Homer was content with his living quarters until he discovered there was more. Now, a yearning to experience more (beyond the glass window) kept him unhappy while he beat himself silly trying to ram through the window. When Homer got hungry he flew to where the food was, when Homer got sleepy he went to where he slept but all the while his mind was discontent cause he had now discovered that there was more to life out there and he desired to explore it.

One day Homer was at the window, trying to figure out how to get past the glass when he met an ant. “What are you doing?” asked Anthony the Ant.

“Trying to go out there,” Homer replied, pointing to the great outdoors.

“You don’t want to go out there, there are lizards waiting to eat you. The heat is unbareable and there is not a lot of water either.” The Ant stated.

“I don’t care, I am tired of flying over the same old house,” Homer stated. “I wish I knew how to get out there.”

“I know how to go out there,” Anthony said. He told Homer to wait by the front door and when it opened, to fly as fast as he could into the great outdoors. Homer did as Anthony the Ant told him and Homer made it into the world of the outside.

The next day, Anthony the Ant was making his usual trip to the kitchen, going past the big glass window and there he saw Homer, pounding his head against the glass trying to get back into the house.

by Art~ 2012

…the grass is not always greener on the other side of the window!


The richest man, whatever his lot, is he who is content with what he has got.

~ Dutch Proverb


Once upon a time, a vast area of Baghdad, capital of Iraq, faced famine. People were dying of hunger and starvation birds and animals were also famishing. In such a shattering situation, one day a rich man of that area showing mercifulness and compassion declared to give one chapati to all the small children of that area. Next day, in the morning all the children assembled in the garden.
 That rich man himself began distributing the chapatis amongst the children. The chapatis were all of different size some were big whereas, some were small in size. All the children were jostling their way through the crowd in order to grab the biggest chapati except for one little girl who stood quietly in a corner. Eventually she came forward and took the last chapati which was the smallest in size. Accepting the chapati with delight she went home.
Next day, the chapatis were again distributed. Second day also the girl received the smallest chapati, but she accepted it, with great joy. On returning home, when she took a bite from the chapati she found a piece of gold in it. Her mother asked her to return the piece of gold to the rich man. She immediately ran to the rich man and said, “I found this piece of gold in my chapati it must have fallen in the flour. I have come to return this.”
The rich man said, “My child, keep this. This is the reward of your contentment.”
The little girl replied with innocence, “My contentment got paid off when I did not have to face the jostling of the crowd.” Being happy with the girl’s honesty and contentedness the rich man made her his goddaughter and fixed a monthly salary for the girl’s mother.
Moral: It can be said with reference to life that instead of showing unnecessary hastiness in all the matters we must keep a sense of satisfaction. Contenement always brings in better result then hastiness.
may you be content, always