The rock and the roll … by Art~

A student asked the master, “Do you think about death?”

“No, why?” The master replied.

“I have thoughts of dying and it scares me.” The student said.

“You should not concern yourself with something you have no control over. You shouldn’t fear death, it is as natural as birth.” The master walked over to the hillside and picked up a rock. “See this…?”

The student walked over to where the master stood and watched. The master tossed the rock toward the hillside and the two of them watched the rock, roll down hill.

“Imagine that you are the rock,” The master said as the rock continued to roll down hill. “See it bounce from time to time? Lifting the rock completely off the ground. It is the same in life, many times we will bounce trough life with no control as to where we will land. But as soon as the rock hits the ground again, it keeps on going.”

The student and the master watched the rock rolling down hill till it came to a stop. “What does it mean when the rock quits rolling?”

“One of two things, it can be stuck in that place for a while till it rolls again, or its role in life is over. The thing to ponder on is… does the rock concern itself with stopping or does it enjoy the roll.” The master took another rock from the ground and handed it to the student. “Here, toss this one.”

The student took the rock and gave it a heaving throw. The rock sailed through the air then landed in the hillside grass and began rolling down hill.

“We are all subject to the forces of nature like the rock is at the mercy of gravity we are at the mercy of our environment, the elements, aging and that which is inevitable. Some are fortunate enough to roll for a long time and yet others may go for a very short time. It is not the end of the roll that matters but what we do during the time we are propelled through life. When the time comes to stop rolling through life, embrace it as a part of the whole journey.” The master said.

“You know this is nothing like rock and roll,” the student claimed.

“Why not,” the master replied. “I am as solid as a rock and I know how to roll.” The master stated as he shook his hips as if dancing the twist.

The student rolled his eyes. “Lets roll.” The student said as he walked away.

By Art~ 2012


~a rolling rock gathers no moss~

may you rock … and roll today