A pile of pennies ~ By Art~ 2012

A father was in the kitchen, washing dishes when the daughter came in running to the back room, then running into the kitchen. She plopped down a jar of pennies and emptied the jar onto the table. 

“Dad can you roll these pennies for me? I don’t have time, I have to shower, do my hair, do my nails, brush my teeth, paint my toe nails, do my homework, clean my room, call Jade, call Bobby, feed the dog (princess) then take these rolls of pennies and go to vacation bible school, put out the punch and cookies, set out the booklets and no telling what else.”

The father said, “Well, sounds like you are piling your pennies too high, too fast.”

“Rolls of pennies come in fifty dad,” she scoffed.

“Then let me see you pile fifty pennies in one tower.” The Father was sorting the pennies as the daughter tried to walk away to do other things. “If you pile fifty pennies in one tower, I’ll do all the penny rolls for you.”

The daughter huffed back to the table and began placing pennies in a tower. She was in such a hurry that when she got half way with 25 pennies the tower fell over. “I don’t have time for this,” She blurted then tried again and got almost all the pennies towered when the tower fell over. “Dang -it.” She blurted out.

“Okay, watch,” the father said. He began making a tower, taking his time and ensuring the tower was straight and secure till he was able to place all fifty pennies in one tower. “The trick is to take your time, don’t rush. As if each penny was one of the jobs you said you had to do. Don’t rush one into the other in order to get them all done or the whole thing will fall like the tower. Take the time to do them right, one by one and everything will fall into place. Now try again.”

The daughter was frustrated but she took more time to place the pennies where they needed to be in order to make the tower stable until she finally got fifty pennies in one pile. “There,” she spat, then run off down the hall to go do the other things she had named.

The father began putting the pennies in rollers as he said he would when the daughter came back and gave her father a hug, “Thanks dad.” She began putting pennies in rollers as well.

“I said I would do this for you if you put fifty pennies in a pile,” The father said.

“I know, but you also taught me that four hands are better than two… remember.” They both smiled.

moral: when your plate gets full of things to do, don’t rush and miss the joy of each thing your doing or living. Find one steady pace and go through life at a pace to which you can still enjoy life and do what you have to, one by one. Don’t pile your ‘to do’ list too high. No higher than you can place pennies in a pile.

by Art~


“When my sister and I were kids, she told me that if we put pennies under our pillows, they’d multiply.  Being young, I believed her.  I would count out some pennies, put them under my pillow, say the magic words with her, and then recount the pennies.  There would always be more pennies afterwards than there were before.  This might have been because I was too young to count properly, or because my sister was sneaking extra pennies into the pile, but it was still pretty cool to me.”

You’ve got to love older sisters and their tales of magic.  I’m pretty sure I terrorized both of my younger sisters with fake magical powers when we were younger.  For some reason, they both still like me.  Go figure. (more of this story found here)


a penny saved is a penny earned

~Benjamin Franklin~

a penny for your thoughts