The Most Important Zen Temple

by Art~ 2012

There was an American Baseball player who traveled to Tokyo, Japan. He hired an interpreter / guide and asked the guide to take him to a zen temple. They got into a taxi and they went to a monastary there in Japan.

When they entered the temple they were met by a monk who inquired, “what can we do for you?”

The baseball player then told the interpreter to relay that he was looking for a zen temple in order to find zen, to make him a better professional ball player. The interpreter then stated to the monk why he was there. The monk asked them to wait in the garden while he went to consult the abbott.

The baseball player and the interpreter roamed the zen garden and marveled at its beauty. It wasn’t long till the monk came back and escorted them to a room where the abbott was sitting.

“So, you came to a temple in order to learn zen?” The abbott asked.

“You speak english?” The baseball player blarred.

“Among other languages. It is my duty to spread zen through out the world. How can I do this with-out being able to communicate with them.” The abbott stated.

“I need to improve my game, baesball. I figured perhaps zen could help. Can you teach me?” The ball player asked.

“Close your eyes, keep them closed,” the abbott said. The ball player did so. “The most important temple in the universe for you is with-in your own body.”

“So I did not need to travel to a temple in Japan to learn zen?” The baseball player asked, keeping his eyes closed.

“When you return to America you may close your eyes and you will be in the most important temple for you. Now, count your breaths and feel your heart beating.” The abbott instructed.

“I can count my breaths that is easy but feel my heart beating?” The player said.

“If you can’t feel your heart beating then how can you feel it is the right time to swing a bat to hit a ball.” There was a long silence.

“I feel my heart pounding,” The player said. “I feel my heart beating!!”

“This is the start,” the abbott said. “I was at a baseball game one time. I ordered a hot dog, ‘one with everything’.” The abbott laughed. “For you to improve your game you must become one with everything. Close your eyes and blend what you are with where you are, understand?”

“I understand, thank you.” The ball player left and went back to the States. His game improved but more importantly, his life improved. Simply by going to the temple that was most important to him, … himself.

by Art~ 2012


(I was thinking about re-blogging this post (Taming the painted mind) after I had come across it last week, an old write. Then I had to search for the post @ zendictive and remembered how much I liked this poem. It fit with the story of ‘The Most Important Zen Temple. So, I ask, do we really ever tame our minds, or domesticate it? The mind has a way of wondering, and for that reason, I end up with some delightful stories and poems. (or so ‘I’ think…) (~_~)……………… (reblogging)…..

Taming the painted mind

Taming the Painted Mind

by Art~ 2005

“I wish to understand my mind!”
He held high the skull of the buffalo,
wearing a wolf pelt over his head,
standing in the tall grasses waving flow.

“Great Spirits I plea…
I wish to learn about the man inside me.”
Thunder Hawk yelled across the plains,
then he saw something, hard to see.

A man in bleached white buckskins walked
slow and steady in trail and stride
beside a painted pony.

man and horse side by side.

They walked straight up, to Thunder Hawk,
the Indian in white handed him the reins.
“This is your mind!” the elderly Indian said,
Thunder Hawk’s silence remain.…. (read the rest: here)


Then I read Kathy’s post… “Mindfullness….”

…. @Pocket Perspectives! (check it out…)



sometimes acceptance and co-operation are like the strings that tie a shoe…

May you take the time to enter the most important temple to you, your own mind.