Nadia spent the whole autumn sowing and preparing his garden. In the spring, the flowers opened, and Nadia noticed a few dandelions that he had not planted.

Nadia pulled them up. But the seeds had already spread, and others grew. He tried to find a poison that would kill only dandelions. An expert told him that any poison would end up killing all the other flowers too. In despair, Nadia sought help from a gardener.

‘It’s just like marriage,’ said the gardener. ‘Along with the good things, there are always a few inconveniences.’

‘What should I do, then?

‘Nothing. They may not be the flowers you intended to have, but they are still part of the garden.

…..and at least they are flowers…..


marriage is a garden, the more you tend it the more beautiful it becomes. Weeds will sprout where an un-tended garden grows.


The wedding ring, a symbol that their life revolves around yours, The two complete the circle of life.


Together the newlyweds planted the seeds in the new garden. He tilled and made the rows while she poked holes and planted the seeds. Together they watered what they sowed. When the plants produced, he picked the vegetables while she would cook them and together they delighted in the meal together.

Over the years, she would go to the store and buy the vegetables and cook the meals. He may or may not be home for supper because he worked extra hours to make the income needed to pay the bills: the two cars, the insurance, clothes and shoes for the children. The garden lay barren.


I recall the story where a Monk and his disciples came to a river and bathed in the refreshing waters. Not far down river was a married couple yelling at the top of their lungs. A disciple asked, “Why do they feel the need to yell at each other when clearly they are so close.”

“When they first fell in love, their hearts were so close that they need not say a word, merely look at one another and they could relay their feelings. Over the years their hearts grew farther and farther apart to the point that now, even though they stand so close to each other they have to yell in order to be heard.”


It is simple, you get out of it what you put into it, be it a garden or be it a marriage,

 may your life be filled with Love~