The story, set in China, begins in a small pastoral town or village, apparently in a time or place where trade and agriculture are still the norm. There is little in the way of modern technology; no electricity, automobile or advanced irrigation. Superstition is also rampant. The town is described as being in a desert area, and within the vicinity of another, called Kwan-Si. The inhabitants of the town the story is set in are prone to describe their town to be in the shape of an orange, defined by the city walls.

One day, a messenger comes to the Mandarin, or king, to inform him that the neighboring town has changed the shape of their walls to a pig- such that it would be interpreted by travelers as being about to eat the orange-shaped town. The messenger and the king discuss frantically how this will bring them ill luck- travelers would stay in and trade with the other town, and nature will favor the pig over the orange. Advised by his daughter, who stands behind a silken screen to hide herself, the king decides to have the town walls rebuilt to resemble a club, with which to beat the pig away.

All is well in the town for a time, but soon the messenger brings news that Kwan-Si’s walls have been reshaped as a bonfire to burn their club. The Mandarin of the first town has the walls changed to a shining lake; Kwan-Si’s are changed to Mouth to drink the lake; the Mandarin’s changed to a needle to sew the mouth; Kwan-Si’s to a sword to break the needle. This goes on for quite some time, driving the cities’ inhabitants away from their work at farms or in shops to fruitlessly rebuild the walls and wait for the others’ response. Disease and famine are rampant. At last, the voice behind the silk screen, advising the Mandarin, says weakly “In the Name of the gods, send for Kwan-Si!”

The two Mandarins, both starved and ailing, agree to stop their feud of superstition. The first Mandarin’s daughter shows the men several kites, laying abandoned on the ground. ‘What are kites,’ she asks, ‘without the wind to sustain them and make them beautiful?’ Nothing, they agree. ‘And what is the sky, without kites upon its face to make it beautiful?’ Again, it is Nothing. Thus, she directs that Kwan-Si shall make itself to resemble the Silver Wind, and her town shall be made to resemble a Golden Kite, such that the two should sustain each other and they could live in peace.

The Golden Kite and the Silver wind …summary ….


Competitive tendencies are as common in each of us as love and anger. I watched the kids argue over who is smarter and argue who could run faster. I don’t remember teaching them to be better than the other. I always try and instill in them that each of us have a quality that makes us shine. I always try and talk about unity when I am at work because each department seems to feel as though they are better than other departments and don’t feel they need to help other co-workers. Unity is the key to living in harmony.

I recall the story of the rainbow. Each color feels as though they are better than the other colors till they realize they are actually better as the collective, which is what the rainbow is all about. Watching Football, each team has it’s fans. Every year, each team plays in hopes of making it to the championship. To be the one shining star that made it all the way. But, with out all the teams, there would be no ladder to climb. And every year offers an oppertunity for each team to do what they do best, play ball and draw crowds.

In this world, at this moment, we are the human race upon this planet. We can live in harmony, or we can choose not to. Emotions and feelings seem to be what makes or breaks us. We can live in harmony with those that are different from us if we choose to, like the rainbow, we are all a part of the whole. What is your favorite food? Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Indian… Hamburgers? Thank goodness for the variety.

In the story, The Golden Kite and the Silver Wind, it shows us how our ego, fear, pride and jealousy can destroy the harmony between two cities. The same is true with nations, countries and families. Where there is wind, let there be kites. Where there is water, let there be boats. Where there is land let there be cites and towns, each diverse from the others. And where there is such a beautiful planet as ours let there be harmony!  ….Art~


(…and this is the same for countries….)



only in love are unity and duality not in conflict