“There was an eagle flying through the sky. When an arrow pierced its side and it fell to the earth. As it lay there, it looked at the arrow and realized that the feathers on the arrow was made from its own feathers.”

“Often times we give our enemies the tools they need to defeat us. However a wise warrior forces its enemy to fight on its own terms, place and time.”

“No arrow flies straight,” it will need to be arched or risen for distance, and even the wind may play with its journey. The bow may cause the arrow to twist a bit but it does not matter if the hunter knows how to use this and make the arrow hit its mark. So the path may not be straight “but the main thing is that it finds its own path… crooked arrows!”

these excerpts from the movie … “Crooked Arrows.”

Let’s face it, you can never go wrong with a “Bad News Bears” movie. You can replace the bears part with anything you want — ducks, birds, geese, whatever — as long as the basic storyline is the same — a bunch of misfits learn from a reluctant coach on their way to becoming a great (or at least, decent) team. Throw in a troubled, wayward kid in there, the token Tomboy girl, and you’ve got yourself a feel-good sports movie that caters to the family crowd. Now you can do what the “Bad News Bears” did and get them almost there, or you can go full-tilt for feel good status and have them actually win the Big Game. Either/or.

That’s basically “Crooked Arrows”, which has “Superman Returns’” Brandon Routh playing a Native American far removed from his Native American-ness, who has to coach the tribe’s lacrosse team to the championship and prove his worth. He is, of course, a selfish jerk — in the beginning, but eventually learns and becomes a better man. Or some such.


When Eagle reached near 40, it’s beak,talon and feathers becomes weak. For new life, eagle makes one hard decision. Eagle flies on top of a mountain and sits on nest. Then Eagle strikes its beak against a rock and pull it out.  After that it waits for new beak to grow. Then it starts plucking out it’s talons. New talons grow back. Then it plucks its old and thick feathers.

Now the painful process completed and it has to wait for 5 month to recover. After that it can make its fly to sky and  can enjoy new birth. Now it can live 30 years more.

       Some change needs to survive in difficulty. In miserable condition, we have to change life style. That process may be very painful. Sometimes we have to throw our old habits, memories and our daily routines. We can’t go ahead with all our past burdens. Then we have to free our burdens and sorrows
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The road may not be straight but you’ll reach the end of your journey just the same, if you become a crooked arrow.