Vikram was a brave king. Once, he had to fight against a large army with just a few soldiers, he was defeated. He had to run for his life.

Vikram took shelter in a forest cave. He was very depressed. His courage had left him. He was blankly gazing at the ceiling of the cave. An interesting scene captured his attention.

A small spider was trying to weave a web across the cave ceiling. As the spider crawled up, a thread of the web broke and the spider fell down. But the spider did not give up. He tried to climb again and again. Finally, the spider successfully climbed up and completed the web.

Vikram began to think, “If a small spider can face failure so bravely, why should I give up? I will try with all might till I win”. This thought gave strength to the defeated king.

Vikram got out of the jungle and collected his brave soldiers. He fought against the large army. He was defeated again. But now, he would not give up his fight.

Vikram again and again fought against the large army and finally, after many attempts defeated the large army and regained his kingdom. He had learnt a lesson from the spider.

MORAL : Perseverance paves way to success.

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the web of life

As Halloween aproaches, my lil sunshine is getting excited about the event. She has gotten a costume and nearly everyday she makes pictures and ornaments for the house and yard. To watch this I think, how we all have things that we get excited about and work towards. Awaiting the day that we prepared for, but isn’t the days in waiting and working towards the goal more than the day itself?

Like a journey, it is not the destination as much as it is the journey itself.

But this is one thread in the spider’s web. Next there will thanksgiving, then christmas, then easter, then her birthday… and then one day she will look back and see the web of her life, built over the years and all the memories made. Every day is special because… it is a gift … the present!



the web we weave … Birds a nest, the spider a web, … man, friendship.