I was playing a game that I had downloaded for my lil sunshine’s I-pad. Archery… where you shoot an apple off of a man’s head and after each time you go farther back in the next level. In order to shoot an apple from a great distance you have to elevate the bows aim a great deal in order for the arrow to fly through the air and gravity has its play in order to hit the target.

It seems that perhaps we could learn from this. When setting a goal, perhaps we could should aim higher than the intended target in order to obtain that goal.

We had an audit at the unit and when I prepared for this in my department, I went beyond just the paper work and getting the books ready. I had the workers clean, place new tags, and in general went beyond the usual preparations. When we were done, I wasn’t worried about the audit and was proud of the department in general. I raised the bow and aimed higher than the intended target.



There was a man in need of a job. He needed money for food and clothing for his family. He searched for some type of employment but the economy was bad and jobs were scarce.

Finally, a man offered to pay him if he could carry 50 pound bags of salt across the river, two days from now. The bags will come in by boat and they need to be hauled to the store, but this meant crossing a shallow river. The man in need of a job agreed he would be back in two days to do the work needed to get the bags of salt to the store.

He went home and for two days he pondered the thought of what would happen if he failed. What if he dropped the bags of salt in the river, would he have to pay for them? What if the bags were too heavy for his small frame. Had he taken a job he could not do? What if the weight of the bags injured his back?

When two days had passed the man showed up at the boat and began carrying the bags of salt to the store. He was already tired and wore out before carrying the first bag because he had been carrying the weight of the job for two days.

Worry will not add to your life, but rather will take away from you the energy needed to do what is needed to be done.

 (~_~) Art~


Life is an hour glass, sooner or later everything hits the bottom, you just have to wait and be patient till someone comes along and turns it around.