I was downloading some ‘E’ books onto my new HP touchpad and came across two interesting reads. The first is:

Buddha in blue jeans,” by Tai Sheridan.

Tai Sheridan is a poet, philosopher, author and a priest. The book is short but to the point, the way I like it… one excerpt that really caught my attention is:

“Thought can be a jail.”

The book expresses the key to a better life is finding the time to simply sit quietly, everyday. Finding the time to sit and think of… nothing. I do this on my front porch, watching the river flow by. It is the time when I find myself in the vastness of the universe. It is so easy to get lost in this big ole’ world and sitting and being a part of the world and realizing I am who I am and what will be will be. Acceptance is the key to tranqulity.



Another book I downloaded is:

Relax, you’re going to die.” by  Tai Sheridan

The title caught my eye of course. The main topic in this book is that all fears and anxieties derive from the fear of dying. Which is true… excerpt:

“Until you relax in the core of yourself it is impossible to make peace with death.”

I thought of the Samurai, who would rather commit, Harikari (suicide) than to be dishonorable, they looked forward to death and embraced it rather than fear it.

Having fun with the touchpad… downloading a library of information and zen… These E-books are free from Amazon.


you are the center of your universe