I was contemplating, many things, like the vastness of the universe because I had heard on the radio, (heading to work at 4: 30 in the morning) about “The Nephilim.” In Genesis 6, it talks about these Giants, sons of gods that came to the earth and bred with the daughters of men. I tried to find this guy on google search and was unable to… with limited memory about his book after working a 13 hour day at the unit. But, he claims these giants do not come in space ships across the stars but from a time and space portal.

 I have always felt that the UFO theroy was a little strange, a race traveling across the vastness of the universe. I always thought that “perhaps” they were time travelers from our future. Knowing not to disrupt the system by exposing themselves but coming to their past, our now, to retrieve something they need to survive. Or, travelers through worm holes rather than 100 years across space. This is twilight zone stuff…

It is said these skeletons are 25 feet tall.

This man claims governments are hiding the skeleton remains of these giants to keep the truth from us. (above is a picture) and that we will be at war with these giants eventually. I hope he is wrong but every one has a theroy and they are as vast as opinions. The different religions shows us that man is spiritual in nature and we should except our versatility in thoughts on what could be… because it is a hard thing to grasp that the universe goes on forever and ever. When was the last time you looked up at the vastness of the universe and saw the stars?

The sky is falling, the sky is falling… and it is a big sky!

Let the sun be the size of an orange; on that scale of sizes the earth is a grain of sand circling in orbit around the sun at a distance of 30 feet; the giant planet Jupiter, 11 times larger than the earth, is a cherry pit revolving at a distance of . . . one city block; Saturn is another cherry pit two blocks from the sun; and Pluto, the outermost planet, is still another sand grain at a distance of ten city blocks from the sun. (…and this is only our galaxy)


So, what if you were a fly and only lived for 15 to 25 days… would you cherish your time on earth more? Or simply live and give no thought to how long that would be? I try and seize every day but I know some days slip away from me like water through the fingers.



seize the day