I fell into the movie… “The Whale.” (while surfing the internet) and fell in love with this little killer whale, Luna. The documentary…

“THE WHALE is the true story of a young killer whale, an orca nicknamed Luna, who makes friends with people after he gets separated from his family…”

The key factor here is that humans separate themselves from wild animals for safety reasons, but what do you do when a wild animal comes up, rolls over and invites you to rub its belly. All animals seem to have the need to connect with others from its own species, but what happens when you have no one of your own kind to interact with? You interact with who ever will connect with you. Which is what this little lost whale does when it finds that people will interact with him.

“If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with!”


“…Meanwhile, a lone Orca whale – dubbed Luna by western media – has been spotted in the area, the whale unusually socialized to boats and humans. Luna, suspected to be a missing juvenile from a pod now living south of the area in Puget Sound, becomes a public sensation, both as a spectacle and a human interest story. The Department of Fisheries & Oceans (DFO) administration, led by Ted Jeffries, plans on reuniting Luna with his pod, which means capturing the young Orca.”   spirit of the whale 2007


Last night the dogs kept jumping on me and laying in my lap. They too show this trait, “a need to interact,” the need to be loved. I listened to the documentary, “The Whale,” and they seemed to be baffled that a wild animal would act this way, when in fact history shows that animals interact with humans because humans are animals too. “The Call of the Wild,”

But what does a community do when the LAW places a fine on you, if you touch this wild animal. This was to ensure the safety of the whale but it was not what the whale wanted. This true story touched so many lives and is still reaching hearts with this new movie, The Whale.


I remember the movie, “Castaway,” with Tom Hanks, where he talked to the volley ball, Mr. Wilson.

Just to show how important socializing is to animals, they created facebook and blogs!


you can not tame the wild, you have to become wild yourself…

“here kitty kitty kitty…”