"big Texas heat


The wife and I went to the drive thru in town and on the wall was a list of rules for this establishment. One of the rules was… No Canvassing!

Being a Japanesse-redneck (born in Japan and living in east Texas) (a rare breed) I had to ask, “What is Canvassing?”

” to solicit votes, subscriptions, opinions or the like…”

“…to examine carefully, to investigate by inquiry, debate, discuss…”

Now the first one I get but I thought that the word does not clarify rather I could inquire about the food I was purchasing and or debate/ discuss the ingredients.

Now I know that you always go by the house rules… Such as when you go to your mothers house you go by her house rules. Just as you ask others to respect the rules of your own house. Every house / place has basic rules. Every country has their own rules like which side of the road to drive on. 

I know that the speed limit is 55 going to work, and that if I am running late and go, say 70 and a police officer pulls me over, I have to take the punishment for breaking the rule… Pay a fine.

Theses rules are a basic guide_line for all to follow in order to maintain order. Can you imagine if there were no rules/ laws and we all did what ever we pleased. I for one feel I have the self control to do what I feel is the right thing. But just think for a moment of how our prisons are filled with those who have broken major rules, jails filled with those who break minor rules and the revenue made by those who break simple rules. Rule breaking is what keeps our justice system in place. When or how can we guide our youths to break no rules and or live with a moral code to always do the right thing?

I could just see the local law enforcement arresting me for canvassing….

On CMT, Saturday nights at 9-30 is a show called, “Big Texas Heat” …this is the little town I just spoke of. We live in the country and have to drive 13 miles to civilization. Trinity, Texas.. The show is about the police department in this lazy, small town. It reminded me of the old show, “The Andy Griffith show”, when a 911 call came in about a donkey chasing a cat down the road. Our local law enforcement made to the big time TV.

But to get back on topic, we all have our own set of rules, that which we would do and what we would not do. Our own set of morals and ethics. Imagine a world where rules/ laws are not needed because we all do the right thing? (It could happen) or is that only in heaven?


Big Texas Heat (my back yard)


BIG TEXAS HEAT brings the larger-than-life humor of one small-town Texas police force to TV. Each half-hour episode of the workplace reality series follows the on and off-duty antics of the police department in the tiny town of Trinity, population 2,697. They may not have the world’s highest crime rate to contend with, but keeping their small town safe from danger is a full-time job for this fun-loving crew. (Source: CMT)


Morality is the best device for leading mankind by the nose, “Nietzsche”

Ethics are a system derived logically from shared moral values.
Morals are the arbitrary values we consider to be absolutes of right and wrong.