If there is one thing I could give the world, it would be ‘a mind at peace’, for I believe this would be the first step in having

…Peace on Earth.

Christmas always brings memories of past Christmases. I was pondering a memory and thought I’d share this little true tale. Years ago, a family member (sister-in-law) had sent her two children to spend Christmas with her ex-husband and his family. This would be no real problem except he lived in Mexico and when it came time for him to send my niece and nephew home, he decided that he was going to keep the children, with a statement like, “Just try to come and get them.”

The family was frantic, the authorities said it would have to go through many different channels to try to retrieve the two kids legally. My sister-in-law and I went to Mexico and to get the two children back. In this you find that Immediately, there is no peace with-in, a goal is set and until that goal is reached there is no peace with-in. In this case, until the children were returned, we were at war with inner turmoil.

While in Mexico, there was a night that we spent many hours in a Bus station deep behind the lines of the Texas / Mexico border. Watching the people with-in this Bus station coming and going. But one thing kept reoccurring, You would see a young boy, about 14 start running across the station as fast as he could run and with a target in mind he would run up and grab a bag from some poor un-suspecting soul and run away with the item.

The local authorities would start to pursue but quickly realize they would not be able to catch this fast-moving youth. It would be about 30 minutes or so and this teen would go running through the station again, like lightning he would run up to his target and grab a bag or luggage and keep on running out of the station. One time he ran up and grabbed a pair of tennis shoes and got away again. I laughed thinking he must have worn out his other pair.

We were able to retrieve these two kids with-out any blood shed (which is always a good thing) I even to this day say, that .. “If I can not whip you with my mind then I have already lost.” It is always better to extend an open hand rather than swing a closed fist. When we got home we had another Christmas for these two children to open their awaiting presents and our gift, was their laughter … at home.



(try this (~_~) )

Today a friend sent me a link to DoNothingFor2Minutes  with a picture of a beautiful sunset. A little timer on it said, “do nothing for 2 minutes.” A few seconds on the automatic timer had already counted down by the time I thought, “I meditate and do qigong so this will be easy.”

A peaceful and exquisitely calm feeling came over me as I felt my breathing deepen. Then I thought, “breathing deep is not doing nothing. I wonder if I am supposed to be focusing on my breathing or really doing nothing.”

I tried not think and just breathe naturally. Since I was sitting with my eyes closed, I started to think, “I wonder how much time has passed. I wonder if a little bell will ring when the two minutes is finished or if I will just open my eyes and it will have finished. Maybe I won’t know how long I have been doing nothing.”

So I opened my eyes. Just over one minute had passed. I took a few more seconds to appreciate the beauty of the red and gold sunset on the screen.

One minute had already passed, so I had a sense of how long that had taken. I closed my eyes again. Then started to laugh at the crazy thoughts going through my mind. The next time I opened my eyes, the screen said, “well done.” Not a voice, just with words on the screen. There was no bell, just a sense from the universe that I had done a good thing.

That was the first time on my iPhone. The volume was down. I didn’t hear the sound of the waves below the sunset.

The second time I listened on my computer only I wasn’t really going to do it, I just wanted to share it on Facebook. The timer started just the same. When I went to look for the share button the screen flashed me a message, “failed.” When I stopped moving the mouse, the timer started again.

Understanding, I meditated for two more minutes, wondering briefly whether the sound of the waves would stop at the end. They didn’t. Life goes on but more wonderfully when we stop to look at a sunset or listen to ocean waves. The world seems brighter now. Two minutes can change the quality of your life.

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“Peace, out~”