Thoughts. like flowers, grow from the soil of our minds. The years we live, season many harvests and what is it that you grow? Do you tend the garden of the mind or allow it to be as wild as a field, growing, grass, weeds and wild flowers that spring forth simply due to having sod. We can mind our own thoughts and garden that which grows in it. I watched with keen eye this past week to see who was mindful of the thoughts they produce and who simply blows steam because they have a kettle of emotions burning within. I was amazed to see that so many do not hold compassion but rather spray the world with their unhappiness, never realizing they are realeasing negativity like pollen in the wind.

I tried to make a comparrison of how we are flesh and bone, like a hairless dog, our thoughts are then the hairs that spring forth. The first thing we see is the shine of the fur, or the courseness of the hair. So then we can tell right away what we are dealing with. (everyone loves to pet the soft fur of a freindly canine) For instance a long haired collie that has been freashly brushed, some one who tends their life, or a long haird dog that has matted fur due to now caring about the way they live. We can immediately tell rather we want to stroke another or not by the way their hair is. (like I said I am still working on this comparrison)

I worked construction when I was in my early twenties. The contractor/boss was a hippie type with long hair who never brushed his hair. He had knots in his hair that had probably been there for years. I often say, I am not here to win a popularity contest or a beauty contest but I do manicure my appearance. And not just because I work for the State Correctional Department and it is required, but because it is who I am. Be mindful of the type thoughts you grow. For instance, the other day, a man was trying his best to push my buttons and make me as unhappy as he was. I first off told my self that I shall not catch this persons ‘unhappiness’ then when I felt the anger grow inside of me, I mentally quoted my favorite poem and the thoughts of anger subsided.

By Ogden,

I saw the full moon,

in a dew drop,

hanging from a cranes bill

(In doing this I took my mind from the anger and into a tranquil situation and it was easier to see that this person was merely trying to make me as unhappy as they are. I then tell them they live in a valley and are trying to drag me into the valley with them. But, I am a mountain and it will take a lot digging to bring me down. I recall the movie, “The Next Karate Kid” where Mr. Miyagi teaches Julie-son to quote this when she becomes confussed, “The sun is warm and the grass is green.”)

It is the way we deal with what is thrown at us that makes us who we are. It is not what happens to you but how you react to it that matters. What type of thoughts grow comes from grooming the mind. Tending the soil, that which allows what type of flowers will rise and grow. What type of thoughts are allowed to come to life. Be mindful of the garden you grow, what flowering thoughts come to life. It will make a difference in the happiness you will share with the world and what people will remember about you.

                                                                                                                    (~_~) …Art~


flowers only bloom when they are ready, people are the same way.