The Job … By Art~

Deep in the woods, the wise forest owl gathered the animals of the forest and announced that the stream that provided water for their little community was not enough for every creature in the woods. That when summer comes their will be nearly no water from the little stream due to the drought that comes every year. He stated that he would hold interviews for a position to build a Dam to pool the water.

Most of the creatures of the woods conceded, thinking that the beaver would surely get the job. While the Owl, interviewed each applicant, the beaver sat outside the tree where the Board was held becoming impatient, saying, “Why waste this time, I will get this job. I am the best sooted for this type work. I am the only creature here with experience.”

The Owl patiently and with great thought considered each applicant, giving them the respect and time deserved to at least hear them out. The deer stated they could push big logs with their horns and build the little dam needed to pool up the water. Mud Dobbers said they could gather an army of fellow wasps to build a dam to hold up the water. The beaver yelled from outside the council tree, “You know I am the best choice for this job. Why are you wasting your time?”

The owl allowed each animal that wanted a chance to do this, the time to plea their abilities for this position. The Fox said he could do it and look good doing it too. The squirrel came and in the interview stated that he would, ‘use all the acorns and pecans it could gather to make a damn.’ While the turtle claimed that it might take him a little while but he would be honored to try to make and a dam. The beaver outside laughed.

Finally a decision had been made and all the animals gathered as the wise owl came and perched on a lower branch of the mighty oak tree to announce who will get the job. The beaver patted its wide tail as if annoyed at such grand theatrics over what should have been a simple solution. The owl cleared its voice and stated, “I thank each and every one of you for wanting to participate in this endeavor and help out little community and after much consideration I have come to a conclusion. I choose the family of sparrows to build a small dam to pool the water enough to help us through the hot summer months.”

“What?” The beaver huffed. “Are you crazy? I am the best choice for this job.”

“I know that your skills are unmatched in building great damns Mr. Beaver,” The Owl started. “But we do not wish to have a forest without trees. We do not need a great big lake in our area. I thank you for your offering to do this but choice is based on the facts that we only need a small pool to hold water. The sparrows build quality nest, fitted with patience placing each twig perfectly in place and I believe they can do the job needed. The beaver’s anger was obvious as he stormed off and the sparrows bowed and cheered as they took off to begin the job.

                                                                                                       By Art` (~_~)

(This story came about as I watched a group of people at work walk around for days all claiming they would be the best applicant for a position that came available at the unit. Some you could tell right off were not a good match for the job but to that person they thought they would be. It is hard to explain to someone why they were not the best choice for the position while others boasted they were the best applicant for this job and did not get the job huffed off scoffing the individual that makes the choice who gets the job. all the while the head of the board gave each person that wanted the position time to plea their abilities, and listened patiently to each. When all is said and done I think they made a wise choice.)


My new years resolution… to post less and write more of my own stories as I used to do. So, I may not post as often but I hope to post more quality stories of inspiration and morals.   Art~


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