Little sunshine and I were coming home from town yesterday and as we got close to the house, this is what we witnessed: At the river’s edge was a large grey heron perched on a stump that was probably about 6 inches into the air. (not very tall) And beside this majestic bird was a large vulture that was seemingly charging at the heron, but just as it got close the heron would peck at the buzzard and the buzzard would back away and circle the heron.

“Wonder what that’s all about?” Little sunshine asked. So I slowed to a stop and watched. It then became apparent that about two feet behind the heron on the river’s bank was a cat fish carcass. The heron wanted the post to perch on. The buzzard wanted the cat fish and since both these items were to close for comfort the two big birds were in conflict. Each wanting to dominate the area.

I see the same thing all the time at work. Inmates in verbal confrontations for the best seat to watch television. Or to get into the chow line. They don’t want to get into a full blown fight yet they become in conflict with each other. The sore toe syndrome begins. (Once you step on a toe the person/dog never forgets this and always see’s the person who stepped on their toe as an enemy.)

The funny thing about all this (between the heron and the buzzard) was as we went to pick up the wife and drove back by the stump/ cat fish. the heron was gone and there around the cat fish were 5 buzzards. It was okay for the buzzard to have other birds of its kind around the cat fish and shared this meal. But remembering that the buzzard did not like the heron around because it was not the same. (Yes it was a bird) but not the same kind of bird.

This is another thing that we see all the time with humans. Sunshine told me that the kids at school that wear Goth clothes do the same thing. They don’t like any one who is not goth. I told her how proud of her I was for wearing bright and happy colors. (she likes peace signs and most of her clothes are purple or pink / her favorite colors.) I told her to be like the heron, just leave them alone for there is too much land in this world to fight over one stump or one table or one corner of the school. It is better than being in conflict with another and being unhappy, just leave and find zen in another corner. It is always better to extend an open hand of friendship than to swing a fist in anger.


I was scratching sunshines back, a chore that is a daily ritual before Emma goes to sleep every night. Then she remembered that she has no school due to winter break, She had no bedtime. I stated, “It was almost my bed time,” Since I work four days on and four days off and get up at 4 am in the morning. I said, “I need to go to bed by nine to get my beauty sleep.” She then turned and told me, “It’s not working, you might want to try and go to bed a little earlier.” (brutal honesty)

I was carrying my wifes x-mas present from the truck to the house, a freezer. I told sunshine to get the door and she ran up the steps and opened the door to the house. I started up the 4 steps to the house and told emma to move. She said she wanted to go and shut the door to the truck. (back down the stairs) I told her to go into the house and she didn’t. I took another step and the freezer slipped and I had to make two choice, smash my little sunshine or take the fall with the weight of the freezer. Yep, you guesses it, I took the fall, going back down the stairs head first and the freezer landed on me.

I lay there a minute and did as a pilot would do before take off. ‘ conciousness? check!’ ‘Right arm’ I moved my right arm, ‘check!’ ‘left arm’ I moved my right arm, ‘check! … ‘right leg / check!’ ‘left leg…. uh, left leg…’ It was then when I realized my left leg was pinned and throbbing. (not broke thank goodness) I got up and was basically okay, so was the freezer but then again it had a cuchion to fall on, … me!

It was then that sunshine said, “Suck it up and act like a man.” I was shocked then laughed. I asked her where she heard that from and she said, “TV” … Television is the tool our kids learn from today. So … I sucked it up and put the freezer in the house. Later, sunshine was running through the house and stubbed her toe on a chair… what do you think I said?

“Suck it up… ” (~_~)



You are my sunshine, and by that I mean… you may have damaged me in ways that I won’t know about for years.