Recently I came across a strange situation that got me to thinking. Let me explain, I was giving a break to a co-worker. In the outer towers around the unit. (Towers around a prison called pickets) This co-worker had climbed up to the picket and I was reeling up the rope to bring up the supplies she had with her when I heard a scream. I looked into the building and she was standing on top of the chair. (the chairs are tall, like a bar stool in order to aid in visibility.)

There she stood screaming that she wanted out of the picket. I asked what was wrong and she could only yell, “It went behind the gun cabinet.” I was thinking that I had been out here an hour and hadn’t seen any thing but that doesn’t really mean any thing. I thought maybe it was a mouse or maybe a snake. On occasion chicken snakes have been found up high due to rains. So, While she continued to have a melt down, I pulled the gun cabinet back to see what was behind the cabinet and this just sent her into hysterics. I didn’t see any thing behind the cabinet so I pulled it out more and still didn’t see anything.

“What am I looking for?” I asked.

“A gecko!” she screamed. I never knew anyone to be afraid of these tiny little lizards. I chuckled and looked again and that is when I saw the little creature blended in with the wood on the cabinet. I reached in and took it in hand.

“It just wanted to make a commercial with you,” I said as I put the cabinet back and held the tiny little thing. My fellow officer was still on the chair and yelling, “get it out of here, throw it over the rail.” I couldn’t do that, we were three stories in the air. I told her to lower my lunch bag and I would carry the little guy down the ladder with me. Which I did and let the little guy go in the grass and leaves bellow.

fear is the ultimate self imposed illusion

I suppose we all have that one thing that scares us. Some are afraid of snakes, mice, spiders, clowns (yeah, I know some one who is deathly afraid of clowns) but we all have our own little thing that we are afraid of. In the book, “Relax, you are going to die.” It relays that all our fears are link to the main fear, death. I suppose my co-worker feels that this little gecko could lead to her death.

My wife tells me that my main fault is… ‘not having any fear.’ But deep down, I fear loosing my wife, daughter and mother, brother … family. This is my biggest fear, that something may happen to them and in reality, one day it will. We all have fears. Courage is doing what needs to be done in spite of fear. 

Without courage, wisdom bears no fruit

Yesterday we watched the new show, ‘Gator Boys.’ These guys get into the black, murky waters of Florida and retrieve ‘Gators’ to relocate them to a safe and non-populated area. One family came home and found an alligator in their house. It had crawled through the doggy door and couldn’t find its way out. Another family called these guys out to get a gator out of their family pool. They said that it wasn’t that they didn’t fear the alligators, but their love for the creature inspires them to restrain the reptile and relocate it.


courage is doing what needs to be done in spite of fear.

(couragious) (…like soldiers, officers, fire fighters …animal rescue …etc)


courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear… Mark Twain!