Birds of a feather …by Art~ 2013

I was sitting outside, in contemplation / meditation. I was trying to wrap my mind around the last four-day work week, and how those I work with are each so different, mentally and physically. I had a conversation with a co-worker about having ‘compassion for ignorance.’  He had become frustrated with another co-worker who did not see things the same way he did.

I sat in silence when a group of sparrows, flying low to the ground had landed in front of me. They pecked at the ground and hopped around till they finally all jumped up and flew away and all landed in a bush near-by, chirped loudly as to regroup, then they flew toward the chicken house.

Then, overhead, a flock of pigeons flew by. Probably homing in on their home. It was then that I heard the woodpecker, working on a tree for a meal. Tap, Tap, Tapping away at a tree. Then a flock of ducks flew over the trees, quacking. Always migrating thousands of miles every winter, rather than to stay in the south and make a home.

I then looked up in the sky and saw a few buzzards circling higher in the sky, looking for a free meal. I watched them glide on the wind with ease, with little effort. It was then that heard the piercing shrill.  I looked above the buzzards and there, as high as the clouds I saw a hawk. With fixed wings it glided in circles and was so high it seemed no bigger than a pencil head. I wondered what view it must have from that vantage point. Looking down on everything.

It was then that I was able to realize; some are like the sparrows, darting from cover to cover. Others, like the pigeons, fly from home to their home. Then there are the workers, like the woodpecker, beating their heads against the tree just to eat. Buzzards, only want to live off what others discard or leave behind. Then there was the hawk, who see’s the world differently from the other birds, it hunts for its meal.

We are all different, and there is good and bad in each level of our existence. Some may not fly as high as others but that doesn’t make them any less important. We are all humans with different traits, mentallities and see the world differently from others. We all fly through our days / lives the best that we can.

Birds of a feather, flock together … except the hawk, who’ll fly alone in the clouds.


without chickens or turkeys there would be no eggs, buffalo wings or thanksgiving dinners?


You can’t fly like an eagle if you run with turkeys!