There was a famous sage, who lived high up in the Himalayan Mountains, far away from humanity. He choose a simple life and spent most of his time meditating. People from all over the globe would travel for days on end to meet him and ask for his advice.

Once such a group of people approached this sage with their problems, but they were unruly and fought amongst each other, because all of them wanted to speak first. The Sage, a peaceful man, watched the commotion and finally said out loud, “Silence!”

The people were awe-struck and immediately kept quiet. Then the sage said, “Sit down in a circle on the ground and await my return!”

He went into his little cottage and soon returned with some sheets of paper, pens, and a small cane basket. He passed out the paper and pens, and placed the basket in the middle of the circle. Then he told the people to write down the one most important problem they were troubled by and put it in the basket. When everyone had finished, the sage shook the papers in the basket so as to mix them and calmly said, “Now pass the basket around and pick up which ever paper is on top. Read the problem and if you choose, make it your own or take back your own problem.”

One by one the people picked out a paper and read each other’s problems and were horrified. They came to the conclusion that their worst problem no matter how bad, was better than the next person’s problem. Within minutes each of them exchanged their problems, and when they finally had their original paper in hand they felt content. They thanked the sage and went on their way.

Happiness is finding peace with your problems


When I was younger, I went to California and back to Texas three times. I even became a truck driver and drove all over the United States. I suppose I was looking for a place that made me happy. (either that or I was an eagle sprouting my wings) Until I became older and wiser and realized that happiness is not a place but a feeling that comes from within. So I settled in Texas where my family is… that makes me happy.

happiness is a journey, not a destination


Happiness is a garden that grows many emotions…