A young pastor was sitting in a restaurant eating lunch. He opened a letter he’d just received that morning from his mom. As he opened it a twenty-dollar bill fell out. He thought to himself, Thanks, Mom, I sure needed that right now.

As he finished his meal, he noticed a beggar outside on the sidewalk leaning against the light post. Thinking that the poor man could probably use the twenty dollars more than he, he crossed out the names on the envelope and wrote across the top in large letters, PERSEVERE!

So as not to make a scene, he put the envelope under his arm and dropped it as he walked past the man. The man picked it up and read the message and smiled.

The next day, as the pastor enjoyed his meal, the same man tapped him on the shoulder and handed him a big wad of bills. Surprised, the young pastor asked him what that was for. The man replied, “This is your half of the winnings. Persevere came in first in the fourth race at the track yesterday and paid thirty to one.”


Lizzie is a special little girl. Unlike other kids who love hotdogs with sausages in the middle, Lizzie likes her hotdog with spaghetti in the middle 🙂

One Monday, Lizzie’s school was serving hotdog. All the kids queued up to get their hotdogs from the school chef. When it came to Lizzie’s turn, she said “I don’t like sausages. Can I have spaghetti in my hotdog instead?”

All the kids looked at Lizzie and giggled. “Spaghetti in hotdogs, now that’s silly!”

Lizzie didn’t get upset. She just smiled and said to the kids “it’s nice if you give it a try” but nobody did. They just continued giggling while pointing at Lizzie’s spaghetti hotdog.

On Tuesday, Lizzie’s school served burgers with beef patties in the middle. All the kids queued up to get their burgers from the school chef. When it came to Lizzie’s turn, she said “I don’t like beef patties. Can I have spaghetti in my burger instead?”

Again all the kids started giggling, “spaghetti burger, now that’s silly!”

Again Lizzie smile and politely invited the kids to try it. One brave boy stood up and said “I’ll try and let you know how yucky it is”. He took a bite and grinned… “Mmmmmm… Lizzie’s right. It’s yummy!”

The one by one the kids took turns to try. “Yes Lizzie’s right. Hooray for spaghetti burger!”

On Wednesday and the rest of the week, the kids had spaghetti everything. And they learnt that it’s ok to be different, even you should never be ashamed of being different!


serve your words softly it makes them easier to chew