Chuck Norris was born Carlos Ray Norris in Ryan, OK. In 1968, he became the Professional World Middleweight Karate Champion, holding the title undefeated until he retired in 1974. He is a black belt in Tang Soo Do and Tae Kwan Do. In 1969, he earned the Triple Crown for the highest number of tournament wins, and was named Fighter of the Year by “Black Belt” magazine. By the time he was 34, Norris had established 32 karate schools and had been a champion for six years. In 1996, he became the first Westerner to be awarded an eighth-degree black belt in Tae Kwan Do. Norris, who was urged to get into acting by his friend Steve McQueen, skillfully incorporates his martial-arts knowledge into his series and feature film projects, stressing action and technique over violence. He is the author of the books “The Secret of Inner Strength” and “The Secret Power Within – Zen Solutions to Real Problems”. He works for many charities, including the Funds for Kids, Veterans Administration National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans, the United Way, Make-a-Wish Foundation and KickStart, a nonprofit organization he created to help battle drugs and violence in schools.


Chuck Norris is one of my all time favorite celebrities / hero, basically for his charity towards youths and trying to make America a safer place for way-ward youths and his fight against drugs like “Kick drugs out of America.” I saw Chuck Norris in Houston, Texas, where he came to a grand opening of a Martial Arts studio of his long time friend … @ Young’s Dojo, N. Houston.

I have a picture of my Dog, Numchucks, in front of his ranch, The Lone Wolf Ranch, in Navasota, Texas. We were on our way to Luckenbauch Texas and stopped for a picture of the entrance to his ranch.

(My mother had bought me the black lab for my birthday.) She asked, “What are you going to name it?”

I replied, “Chuck, for chuck norris.”

She then thought, “Why not name it for those black things you always twirl in the back yard, Isn’t that chucks?” (Numchucks / correctly pronounced, nunchucka) So, that is how the dog got its name, Numchucks, I had him for 15 years till he passed away. The greatest duck dog that ever lived. I was once offered a thousand dollars for the duck dog after I guided some lawyers on a duck hunt. Needless to say, I did not sell the dog. ~Art

I love Chuck Norris jokes…


One of my favorite Chuck Norris jokes is, … May 6, 1945, Chuck Norris was born. May 7th, 1945 the Germans surrender, coincident? I think not. (however Chuck was really born March 10th, 1940) So really, the germans figured they had better try to over throw the world before Chuck gets big enough to fight)


Try this… I love it…. (~_~)


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is based on a true story: Chuck Norris
once swallowed a turtle whole, and when he crapped it out, the turtle
was six feet tall and had learned karate.

Police label anyone attacking Chuck Norris as a Code 45-11…. a suicide.

Aliens do exist, they are just waiting for Chuck Norris to die before they attack.

have a quality day