We have a simeeses cat that loves to crawl into the cabinet and go to sleep. The other day I was showering and the cat woke up from its nap and climbed onto the tub’s ledge. A shampoo cap was floating around in the shallow water of the tub. I paid little attention to either, but the cat could not resist trying to paw this floating lure. It reached a little to far and slipped into the tub. Then there was the mad scramble to get out of the shower and of course the wet and slippery tub kept the cat from making an easy retreat. Eventually I reached down and aided the frantic cat from the drowning one inch of water. The cat shot out of the tub like an arrow from a bow.

When I got out of the shower the cat was licking itself clean and skiddish of every move I made. I am sure that its pride was dented. I thought about this event and it seems that we all get lured into a situation that we then have to lick our wounded pride. For instance, romance that lures us into a relationship that does not last. Then there are jobs that we were sure was going to be our careers but as we get to work and see that it is not all that it is cracked up to be. I also think about the beach and all its glory. We are attracted to the waves and fun in the sand and then have to walk like penguins for days later due to the sunburn we aquired while playing in the sun.

We learn from these alluring situations, such as the cat will probably never reach for an item floating in the tub again. Lessons learned. Things seem to be so attractive and we get ourselves into these situations and survive only to lick our wounds. The other day a situation broke out at the unit and they called for all responders. I ran nearly half-way across the prison to help out those in need of assistance. That day was full of situations but the next day… I was licking my wounds cause my legs are stiff and sore. So, I sit here licking my wounds. (grin) …Art~


life is a battlefield, lick your wounds and get back in there