My little sunshine was a tom boy, now she is turning into a girly girl. Spending 30 minutes in the bathroom every morning fixing up her hair, picking out the right matching clothes. I remember when she would get up, throw something on and go out the door. Then come home and go play with the boys down the road in a mud puddle. But I see the change, she is getting more and more into  fashion and fixing up her hair.

Here lately we have been having to meet her at the bus stop because one of the horses keeps getting out of the pasture fence and loves to graze right where the bus drops her off. This horse has been seen laying on the ground and scooting under the lowest bob-wire of the fence. (clever) And out of habit, the horse comes up to people wanting a treat. She (sunshine) has literally been chased by this horse. (The other day the horse was chased away from the house by our chihuahua, “Harley.” (grin)

One day she came in the door crying because the horse had chased her and she fell in a puddle and her new clothes got wet and muddy. I told her to go change and I would wash her clothes immediately so that they would not stain. So she did, I took the wet, dirty clothes and placed them in the washing machine, she helped, and the cleansing began. (when faced with a tramatic situation we have to wash it away and clean it up, or we become stained by the event)

When the clothes came out of the washer she was right there wanting to know if they had stained or not. I raised her clothes up and they were bright and clean. I told her, “Life is like the washing machine, it twists us, spins us, drowns us and knocks us around but in the end we come out cleaner, brighter and better than before.”

“Emma” (sunshine)


Art~ 2013



sometimes the things we can’t change end up changing us