Corey, (my 11 year old nephew) was talking about how he needed a survival bag so that when a world catastrophy happens he will be ready. First I asked him why he thought the world might have such a cotastrophy and he replied they talk about it at school. (which I always say, “those who fail to prepare prepare to fail”) Then second I asked what he might need in this survival bag.

He began with a hunting bag filled with… a knife, matches, a tiny shovel and then I asked, “what about extra clothes? a rain coat? Something to cook with? Then he added, a bow and arrows, maybe a rifle, and it was then that he realized he could not live without his ‘tower’ computer. (He doesn’t have a smart phone, a touch-pad nor a lap-top. So, now came the questions… “Can I take a car battery to work the computer?”

“No,” I replied, but you can use a generator. So he then added this to his list. “What about a TV?” I asked. “Might as well, you have a generator to make it work.” He agreed and then added that if he took his TV he could take his DVD player and all his DVD’s.

“Corey? How are you going to carry all this stuff?” I asked.

“We’ll use your truck!” He finished.

“Why don’t we just stay here at the house and ride it out?” I asked.

“Because… the zombies will come!”

I found this all to be humorous, then I changed the channel and there was a show on the TV about doomsday prepers. These people have supplies that will help them to survive when commerce and stores, along with society melts down. Who will have the last laugh when an asteroid comes? I then thought about the old TV series, ‘Kung Fu’ where Cain travels across the desert with nothing more than a coat and a bag over his shoulder. We spend years filling our homes with the things we need and or want to survive from day to day. What if Corey is right and all we need is a survival bag when the time comes. (Those who fail to prepare prepare to fail!) We take with us into the next life what we came into this world with.

I like to think of it as we are the Captain’s of our own destiny and have aquired a ship that is filled with the things we love and anchored where we want to be. And if we have to move? All we have to do is raise the anchor and sail on.


self-reflection is the tool of wisdom