by Art 2013

A father watched his little girl run through the back yard, chasing fireflies. Running and jumping trying to catch one. Pamela laughed as she run toward another firefly that had just lit up then as soon as she got to them they disappeared. Finally in her persistence she jumped up and grabbed at the night sky and as she landed, there in her hands was a tiny firefly.

“Daddy, I caught one.” Pamela ran back to where her father sat and opened her hand. There in her tiny palm was a firefly. “Can I keep it?” She asked with excitement.

“Sure, go get a jar,” Her father said. Pamela ran into the house while her father held the little insect in his hand. His daughter ran back with a little glass jar in hand. They placed the firefly in the jar and twisted the lid on. Her father took his pocket knife out and cut little holes in the top, allowing air to seep into the jar.

“I’m going to catch another one.” Pamela blurted as took off toward the back yard and began her pursuit of more fire flies. It wasn’t long till she came back with another, then another. It wasn’t long and she had half a dozen fireflies. Pamela then took the jar of fireflies and held it in front of her as she walked around the back yard using it for a light so that she could see.

Eventually she came back to where her father sat and she held the jar up high to see the lightning bugs a tad better. “These little bugs will help me see better..” Pamela said.

“That’s right,” her father said. “Just remember this, just by being themself, some one or something can light the way for others.”

moral: just by beeing ourselves we light the way for others


have a quality day