Once a dog was relaxing in a garden when it saw a cat on the top of a high wall. It thought, ” It must be so nice to be high above the ground. If only I could climb?” This feeling of eny made it so bad-tempered, that it didn’t even wag its tail at its master, who came to give it some milk.

Then it saw a goldfish in the river and wished that it too could live in the cold water.Envy made it angry once again.

Just then it heard the fish say, ” It looks so nice and warm on the grass. I wish I could lie down on it.”

After some time, a sparrow flew past. Seeing the dog lazing around, it said aloud, ” I wish I could play the whole day like this dog. I wish I didn’t have to build a nest for myself, search for food and tire my wings.”

Listening to them, the dog realized its folly for not appreciating what it had.

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I never saw a discontent tree