A lean and hungry wolf one day met a fine, fat dog. ” You have plenty to eat, brother, I can see,” said the wolf. ” Where do you find your food? I spend all the night hunting and catch barely enough to keep me alive, while you never hunt at all.”

” I work for my master,” replied the dog,” and in return he feeds me, and very well, too. I have also a warm kennel to live in.”

“What work do you do?” asked the wolf.

” I guard the house at night , and keep away thieves,” said the dog.

” Could I do the same?” the wolf asked.

” Yes, indeed,” answered the dog. ” Come with me, I will find you a good master.” So the dog and the wolf set off together for the tyown. On their way the wolf noticed a worn place in the hair on the dog’s neck.

” Why is the hair on your neck so worn away, brother?” asked the wolf.

” Oh,” said the dog, carelessly, ” that is the mark made by my collar. My master puts a chain on me and keeps me fastened up all day.”

The wolf stopped. ” Ah, my friend,” said he, ” I shall not come with you. You may keep your good food. I would rather be hungry than be a prisoner.”


wolf, wolf!!!


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