My wife and I went to a pizza place last night and I indulged in one of my favorite pizzas, Jalapeno and pepperoni. My wife warned me that I am not supposed to eat spicy food, it will mess with my stomach. But I didn’t listen, No sir/ma’am, I dove into that pizza like a kid at a water park. That pizza was so GOOD. Then this morning I went to the bathroom and I cursed the curse of the jalapeno (the bite in the butt). They are so BAD.

But it got me to thinking, I remember that everything has a good and a bad. Like, when we got this cute puppy and brought it home and the whole family fell in love with this GOOD, cute, little treasure. Then came the BAD, it was a little poop machine. It went to the bathroom faster than lil’ Sunshine changes clothes (which is several times a day). For there on the floor is the UGLY. You have to take the good with the bad.

Like a trip to the beach, one of our favorite summer adventures. Surfing the waves, building sand castles, and spending quality family time. Then comes the sun burn, the sand in every crevice, the tired drive home. But funny how we think back to the good things like the dolphins playing in the wake of the ferry. The sea shells we brought back and the reminder of the ocean water waves.

When we moved here, on the river. It is heaven, we have a river in our back yard. Fish when ever we want. Way out in the country, with country living at its best. Most go on vacations to a place like where we live. It is a GOOD thing to walk out on the porch and sit and watch the water roll by. It is therapeutic and soothing. But every once in a while the river jumps the bank and floods the back yard in a BAD way. Deer come into the yard to eat the garden, horses get out of the neighbors fence and chase little sunshine home when she gets off the school bus, where our little chihuahua will chase them back to their fence. And the mosquitos are so thick the weather man would call it a fog. We have to drive 8 miles to the nearest store. (I laughed at Mark Wahlberg in the movie ‘We Bought a Zoo’ where he had to drive 9 miles to get butter for the corn then drive 9 miles back)

But there is good and bad in everything. It is what it is. You have to take the good with the bad. Like the human body… it is a marvel and so many contemplate life’s meaning and the magic of birth and where did we come from. Then, every now and then, somebody has to fart and we are reminded that we are not perfect, as an ugly odor fills the air. We have to let out the bad, so that we can continue feeling good. Sorry, didn’t mean to get so ugly. But there is GOOD, BAD and UGLY in us all and everything on this planet and I assume that means the universe as well. It is what it is!


 Be good, Be kind but most of all be happy