We made it back from our summer vacation. This year we went to, Grapevine, Texas, to… Great Wolf Lodge. The resort with an indoor water park. The kids loved it and the wife and I did too, once we found the adult only section, spa / hot tub.


Oh, how this was needed after driving through Dallas. Where I live, a traffic jam consist of five cars waiting at the rail road crossing on a train. I hadn’t driven through traffic like this in a long time and can’t imagine living where you drive through traffic like this every single day.


Lil sunshine had a ball, running from water ride to water ride and entranced in everything they had to offer at the resort.


We ate at Joes Crab Shack and lil sunshine tried Octopus for the first time and liked it. This is probably the most expensive meal we have ever paid for but was worth the memories and the service was great.

the indoor water park was the jewel of the lodge but we did go to the outdoor pool long enough to get a little red but not sunburned like when we went to Padre Island or Slitterbaun. The reosrt has a whole floor dedicated to game rooms, food, gift shops and they have a story time for kids at 8pm by the huge fireplace to end the day.

anyway, we are back and the summer kicked off with an awesome trip.