salt water by Art~ 2013

A day at the beach is fun and memorable. The joy of playing in the surf and sun, vs the sand and sun burn. The good and bad in everything (yin and yang). But life is like swimming in the salt water. You can’t see what is in front of you, nor stand to keep your eyes open for very long but the main thing is… you just keep on going. Like in life, we can’t see very far ahead of the next few moments but we just keep on going.

Like the commercial, we swim in shark infested waters because we want to experince the joy of swimming in the ocean and playing in the surf. The need the experience life over rides the fear of what could harm us. Then there are those who’s fear of the unknown doesn’t allow them to fully live. But, when we hit the water, we find away to stay a-float. We keep going. It is built into our minds and bodies to keep going. I have seen many people who give up and some who have attempted to take their lives due to …not wanting to keep going. Like the salt water in the eyes, theu just couldn’t see what is ahead. Just keep going, swim on, enjoy what is.

Acceptance is the key to tranquility… it is what it is!


sail through your day and into tomorrow