I’ve been busier than a Beaver in a a flood. School is finally back in session, I have been under the hood of all three of my vehicles, and of course work has been….well … work! But I have been able to grasp some zen here and there. Like little quips from movies…

The dust factory…

“Sometimes you have to step back from what is right before your eyes in order to see more clearly.”

I went around for days, disecting this little pearl of wisdom and love it. Then I happened to walk in about half way through the movie, “City Slickers” (and who would think it has a gem of wisdom in it), but I liked what Curly (Jack Palance) tells Billy Crystal, “That the secret to life…” He raises one finger and says… “…One thing!”

Later Billy Crystal figures out that the one thing is different for each person. There is one thing in each of our lives that drives us and we have to find what that one thing is and drive on!

Remember to keep your ears and mind open and wisdom will simply fall into them like rain on a leaf.


have a zen filled day