We were driving home the other day when we saw above us, in the distance, a cloud that resembled a hand. With outreaching fingers and even a thumb. This cloud truely looked like an open hand. One of the kids said, “It looks like the hand is going to come down and smash us. It is going to squash us like we are little ants.”


I said, “Or it is reaching down to scoop us up and take us into the heavens.” With that came a long list of could be’s. Like the hand was playing basketball with the world. Or, pushing the planet across space.


My nephew was complaining about how our little dog was chasing the deer out of the yard. Stating that the dog was being mean, until I explained that the dog was being protective. The dog loves us and was guarding the yard by chasing off any and everything that was not part of the family. He saw the dog differently and gave the dog a big hug for being the protector.


We were watching ‘Survivor’ and they were about to cut the head off of a chicken to cook it, and eat it. The kids were all astounded that the people on the show were having a hard time dealing with such a task. “But we buy chickens in the store all the time?”


“It is all in how we look at it!”


have a zen filled day