Life is like, watching trees grow

you can never see yourself rise

dancing in the wind at the moment

 results bloom when years die

Art (2013)


I had been playing with the thought, “Watching trees grow” after I was sitting in contemplation on the river, doing nothing at all. When I realized, I am doing something, even if it is just sitting, or watching trees grow.


Art (2011)

on so
a Grasshopper goes
to leap from where it stands

there is no guarantee
where it will be
when it finally lands

it knows not
that death exists
yet jumps to be safe

and rides the wind
to destiny’s whim
in a leap of faith

(I have been very busy lately, but as you see, I never stop seeking zen in life)


a tree limb lay

like thoughts fallen yesterday

art (2009)


have a zen filled day