Strength comes from within you, it's not given to you by someone else...someone else will try to take it away though.


My Aunt had posted this on facebook and it really hit home right now, with all that has been going on. It reminded me of the story about the man who watched an ant carry a feather across a driveway. When the ant reached the center where two slabs of concrete meet it had to stop. For the gap between the two slabs was like a canyon to this tiny creature but after several trials and errors, it finally laid the feather down across the gap and walked across on the feather and then once on the other side, it picked the feather up and carried on.


My wife told ne about a bright green spider that was out by the power pole. So, I went to look at what she called a green with orange spot. When I saw the spider, it was having difficulties with its web. Dangling from a strand and trying to pull it back together. I felt as though I understood this, for sometimes the web we weave in life comes undone and we frantically focus on nothing more than putting it back together the way we want it, rather than except the “what is.”


acceptance is the key to tranquility