There was a young lad who was sitting in his bed room, with his head in his hands wondering how he had gotten into so much trouble. He was being grounded for a month. A week for each offense he had acted upon. He had stolen a laptop from school (one week grounding) he had gotten into a fight with another child on the school bus, (one week grounding) He had run away from home and hid for two hours until it was dark and cold and decided to go back home. He had taken a family cell phone. So there he sat with a mountain of problems.

His Uncle (whom he was living with) came into the bed room and asked if he was alright?

The boy said, “No, I don’t know how I got into so much trouble.”

“You are sitting on a mountain of problems and wondering how you got there?” The Uncle stated. “Each problem is a pebble and the pebbles piled up till you became perched on this mountain.”

“So how do I get off this mountain of problems?” The boy asked.

“By removing each pebble one at a time.” The Uncle replied. “Go through one whole day without adding any more pebbles to the pile. Then go two days then three, in a week you would have done removed one fourth of the mountain and done 1/4 th of your grounding. Keep it up till you are ungrounded and you will be off the mountain of problems. Then don’t do anything else that would build up a mountain again.”


most of our problems are little things but when we pile up the problems they become a mountain


move a moutain one rock at a time