A trip to the doctors office, (for my little sunshine has been having headaches for awhile now). The verdict… she may need glasses.

She asked, “So, all this time, I haven’t been seeing things right?”

I thought about this and I came up with another contemplation that there are so many who do not see the world with clarity. Until they are given the tools they need, they will not see the world right. There will probably be a lot of folks that never see clearly, mentally, no matter how many pairs of glasses they try. How often do we say that a young adult has finally gotten their eyes opened to how the world “really” is. They finally see the world as an  adult.

If we can not see something clearly then we use a magnifying glass, a tool to help us see something more clearly. A microscope to see the world of microbes. A telescope to see the universe. Glasses to see the world more clearly. So obviously we cannot see everything there is to see at one time.

The center of your universe is within you. You can only see what is around you. And if you open your mind, you can see more clearly.

(I am trying to come up with a story that will touch on this topic in an inspirational way and when I do, I’ll post it, (grin))



A blind man can see more than a fool

because a fool cannot see that he is foolish