Little Johnny sat before the principle, again. He was always getting into trouble. The principle sat at his desk looking sternly at Johnny. “This is the third time you have been in my office this week, Johnny.”

“I didn’t do it principle Adams, I swear,” barked Johnny. “It was the boy sitting behind me that shot the teacher with a spit ball, not me!”

“Well, if you are always causing trouble and the spit ball came from your direction, I can see why the teacher assumed it was you!” The principle opened his desk drawer and reached into the open space and pulled out two magnets. He then laid them before Johnny. “Here, I want you to have these.”

“For me?” Johnny asked as he reached out and took the two magnets in his hand. He pulled them apart and then allowed them to to pull back into each other.Toying with their magnetic qualities.

“I want you to keep them and maybe they can help you figure out how to be a more positive person. Magnets have a positive and a negative side to them. People are like magnets, we either attract, or we repel, depending on what type of person you are. We have a positive and a negative side to us, just like the magnet.” The principle said, “Magnets adhere themselves to something that is strong, like steel or metal, and does not bother sticking to something that is weak, like aluminum, putter or something that is not sturdy.” The principle watched Johnny as he played with the magnets. “What type of person do you want to be?”


(I was watching my lil sunshine play with some magnets that I had brought home from work and I got an idea for a short story. That mixed with some research on the web, I come up with this… “Be like a magnet,” by Art Campbell. 2014)

have a positive day