I watched the movie, “After Earth,” starring, Will Smith and his son Jaden. In this film was a part that intrigued me. Will Smith tells young Jaden to, “take a knee… Plant yourself in the ‘here and now.’ ….Sight, sound and smell.”

…This is zen…

Will Smith tells Jaden that fear is not real. It only exists in the mind

The creature that hunts humans, senses their fear and there-fore tracks them from this. In the end young Jaden learns to control his fear and the creature can not find him. It even walks right over him because Jaden no longer fears the creature. Conquering his fear he is able to conquer the beast.

The movie is a wonderful film that stars these two icons (father and son) and is an inspirational look at ‘how to plant ones self in the here and now.’


“Plant yourself in the here and now,

sight, sound and smell.”

plant yourself in the here and now