A little Indian boy came out from the tee-pee and walked up to his father. “I am ready.” He said and they walk off into the woods. For today was the day his father was going to teach him how to make a Bow and some arrows.

Not far into the woods the boy spotted what looked like a limb that would make the perfect bow. “What about this?” The boy asked.

“No,” the father answered. It is pine, too flexible, the bow will not have enough power to shoot your arrow very far.”

The two traveled into the woods even farther. Then the boy came upon some iron wood and asked, “How about this?”

“No,” the father answered. “It is too stiff and will not have enough bend.” The father walked up to an oak tree and pulled a limb from the large tree. “This is perfect. It is strong and yet it has the right amount of give.” The father then took his knife and began whittling at the oak branch till it resemble a bow and handed it to his son so that he could finish it.

“In life, be like the bow my son. Strong and firm yet you have to be able to give a little in order to project and hit a target you are aiming for.” The boy began wrapping the handle with rabbit fur as the father pulled down a vine and showed him how to string it. The boy was excited as the wood transformed into a working bow. The father then found a straight piece of oak and whittled it into and arrow and added some feathers. “Try it.” The father said.

The boy notched the arrow and drew the string back, aimed and released. The arrow flew high and out of sight. “You will go far my son.”

(moral: you must be flexible and be able to give in order to reach what you aim for)


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