One morning, a Hunter was following an animal. He tied his Dogs in pairs, so that they would hunt in an orderly way, and not pull in different directions.

Jowler and Vixen were tied together as a couple. They were both young and new to hunting. The two Dogs were good friends and always played together. They took each other’s sides in a quarrel. The other Dogs thought that they would be good partners.

However, they acted strangely when tied together. They both liked to go in opposite directions and walk in a different manner. Both of them would pull the other in different directions and soon this would end in a quarrel. Jowler, the male, treated Vixen, the female, badly.

He did not take care to lead Vixen properly or kindly.

An old Dog watching the two Dogs fight with each other, scolded them, “Silly Puppies, why are you always fighting with each other? Why don’t you ask what the other wants? Then you can both be at peace! I realized this when I was in the similar situation as you.”


My lil’ sunshine was watching her daily Disney shows, …  “Zoey 101” came on and I was busy around the house, I did catch the jest of the show. This school was having a dance and instead of making it hard for those to ask each other for a date they decided to do a compatibility test and they would match up the things people liked and they would go to the dance together. When it was all said and done those matched up went to the dance together and every one had a bad time because their dates were to much like themselves. Sometimes it is the differences in us that attract others. Like the yin and the yang… some things go together like salt and pepper, etc. ~Art (~_~)